Wait a second.  Is that an Air Canada plane in the background of The Amazing Race Canada publicity photo?!

Of course it is.  The Amazing Race is succeeding with an excellent example of win-win-win; for the TV network, Ad Sales Department and their key Clients.

In the fast-moving media world, marketers are faced with multiple layers of decisions…choice of mediums, traditional v.s. digital, creative strategy and what exactly are content marketing, native advertising, etc.?

I’m not often a fan of “one size fits all”, but do believe “There’s a time and a place”.  The Ford commercials on American Idol, filmed with show contestants, are an excellent example of client integration. In my living room, we rewind the PVR to watch those ads.

Product placement on American Idol and The Amazing Race does not mean CBC National TV anchor, Peter Mansbridge should do live reads for the BMW Dealers Group in his newscasts.  Nor does it mean Sales Managers should be storming into Newsroom / Editorial meetings to dictate advertiser needs.

On The Amazing Race this season, the advertiser / sponsor integration by CTV and owner Bell Media is over-the-top!  But, in a positive way.

Nothing is lost.  It’s a really good show, with quality production values.  It’s entertaining and compelling. And, the TV industry needs more shows that people need and want to watch Live.  While this isn’t Game 7 or The Oscars, lots of people look forward to viewing on the actual airing night.

Keep it up Bell / CTV / The Amazing Race with this win-win!  You’re funding and producing a quality show that entertains…as well as leveraging a great opportunity to support Advertisers and Sponsors.

I look forward to the coming episodes – as the winning teams are rewarded with hundreds of gas fill-ups from Petro Canada…and Air Canada tickets to Rio De Janeiro…and teams are scrambling in their Chevrolets to find the TSN studios for an on-set challenge of trying to emulate the work of James Duthie!