Customer satisfaction 2[1]

Salesforce and their CRM competitors have taken the business world and the hearts, minds and budgets of Senior Sales Management by storm!

Rightfully so. They’re powerful new programs that represent the intersection of the Digital Era and sales pipelines, revenue management, etc.

These programs and management dashboards provide better-then-ever data summaries, funnel management and projections for the coming quarters.

The key is ensuring you are going well beyond technological and CRM software – to truly support, train and energize sales people and the supporting cast.

This quote by Author and Speaker, Keith Ferrazzi speaks volumes: “Business is a Human Enterprise, driven and determined by People”.

And Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”, hammers it home: “100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business”.

For market-leading and on-going success with new business and excellent customer service, sales people need a lot more than a CRM program, the weekly team meeting and a weekly 1-on-1 with their Manager.

Do sales reps have the resources and tools of the trade to excel?  There are two key aspects; (1) quality and efficient delivery of all contracted items…and (2) the means to “surprise & delight” and have customers feel appreciated and rewarded.

Are the annual Sales Conference and regular, off site strategy sessions still in place, or a casualty of budget cuts?

Another key is providing individual-focused consideration and support, on top of overall team needs. Each sales person comes with unique talents, experience and perspectives, along with their personal growth requirements.

Let’s work hard to ensure that the budget for, and focus on, technology is over-and-above, not at the expense of, all of the human support and needs.