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For good reason, Digital is the high-growth, dominant story in today’s dynamic media and marketing landscape.

But to date, the impact has been leveled at Print and Yellow Pages, while Broadcast and Outdoor in Canada have soldiered on.

And, how does the new Canadian landscape compare to other significant media markets, like the U.S., Britain and Australia?

Each medium’s share of total advertising dollars is a major barometer for Advertising Agencies, Marketers and Media suppliers / channels.

Every marketing dollar invested is very carefully assessed – which means the % share figure that each medium garners represents one big report card from all Ad Agencies and businesses combined.

The following data speaks volumes…

The Rise of Web / Digital:

  • Britain will this year, amazingly become the 1st country in the world where a remarkable 50% of all advertising spending goes on digital media (source: The Guardian)
  • In Canada, Digital surpassed TV’s share of advertising between 2013 and 2014. 2013 figures show TV and Digital in a photo-finish; 28.9% for TV and 28.1% for Digital. But, in 2014, Digital took top spot with 31.5% v.s. TV now in 2nd spot with 29.1% (sources: CRTC, TVB, IAB)
  • The U.S. digital advertising market lags the impact of the UK and Canada. TV is projected to hold on to the no. 1 position in the world’s largest advertising market until 2017, with Digital finally moving ahead in 2018 (source: eMarketer)

Whether King or Queen, Television is still Media Royalty:

  • In the U.S., Television in 2014 captured 38.1% of all advertising; compared to Digital at 28.2% (source: eMarketer)
  • In the UK, media analysts point out that part of Digital’s surge has been aided by so much of Britain’s TV and Radio programming (eg BBC) being advertising-free
  • In Canada, despite Digital, TV’s share of the total ad pie has only dropped 7.6% in the last 9 years; from 31.5% share in 2005 to 29.1% in 2014 (source: CRTC, TVB)

Radio remains strong – especially in Canada:

  • With Web Digital in Canada rising from a meager 5.9% ad share in 2005 to the no. 1 spot, at 31.5% in 2014, has Radio been in big decline, like Daily Newspapers?
  • Canadian Radio’s share of the pie in 2005? 13.7%  And, in 2014? 13.2% The numbers show great strength and resiliency. In the past 9 years, Radio’s share has stayed between 12.7% and 13.8% (source: CRTC)
  • Radio in Canada also remains strong compared to key, comparable Countries. Radio’s ad share in the Australia media market was 7.7% in 2013. ie. Canadian Radio’s revenue share is 1.71x bigger (source: Dentsu Aegis Network, Statista)
  • Radio’s share in the world’s largest Ad market, the U.S.?  8.6%   Radio in the UK (much of it commercial-free) has a 6.0% share – which is the same as Radio’s Worldwide share (source: RAB UK, PwC, Statista)


Whether its total share is rising or declining, each Medium of course has its role and strengths within Marketing and Advertising.

Defining factors include: business category, target audience, creative capabilities and campaign objectives (branding v.s. call-to-action, etc.)

  • Television:  TV remains the big, go-to medium for many companies, brands and business categories. But, not all SME’s can afford to compete with impact on the TV stage and produce the necessary quality of commercials.
  • Out-Of-Home (Outdoor):  In several ways, OOH has evolved and become more vibrant and important. Commute times and the use of transit are both up in many urban centres – which means captive audiences. New technology has greatly supported digital video within OOH, which stands out for audiences and is enticing for advertisers.
  • Newspaper / Magazines:  There continues to be consolidation of local papers in many communities, and a decrease in overall advertising dollars, but print remains an important medium in Canada. There’s a large industry of both mass and quality publications, with their distinct audiences and advertisers.


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