The room’s vibe and the crowd were more energetic than the average event I attend. The suits and outfits were “2016” and this time the music was centred on the likes of Rhianna, Timberlake and Drake.

The 30, bright winners were impressive and being recognized for their innovation, entrepreneurship and community commitment.

Attending the recent 30 Under 30 – BC Business Event got my brain whirling. How much does age matter?

The winners actually ranged from 16 – 29. While the 23-year-old winners made me feel old, perhaps the 29-year-old winner felt a bit old when the pair of 16-year-old business owners were announced!

Is age relevant? Yes, age definitely does matter! But not because anyone should be viewed as too old or too young.

Age matters mostly because it’s an interesting part of your story / the story.

Especially in the digital era, and myriad resources and technology for sharing, learning and storytelling, context is an increasingly important and relevant part of stories.

With new technology & resources and today’s pace-of-play, the playing field has leveled greatly.

I believe its more beneficial than ever have multi-generations working together. Each generation brings distinctive values and views.

The likes of Mark Zuckerberg (31), Richard Branson (65) and Warren Buffett (85) continue to do and say impressive things on a regular basis – and each time, their age serves as part of the context and inspiration.

“Florida re-signs 44-year-old Jaromir Jagr to another contract”! “18-year-old Connor McDavid has 3 point night in Edmonton win”! Very different generations, but the same careers and excitement.

In January, Prime Minister Trudeau’s (44) new counterpart in the U.S. will likely be Hillary Clinton (68) or Donald Trump (69).

When Phil Michelson wins The British Open at 43, he’s leveraging experience. When Jordan Spieth wins The Masters at 20, he’s leveraging physical athleticism and mental toughness we didn’t used to see at his age.

Mick Jagger performing with Taylor Swift is a win for both. They’re essentially endorsing each other and showcasing their mutual respect. To me, Swift is saying; “you’re an icon, still awesome and I would love to have a career that spans decades”. Jagger is saying; “congrats; you’re one of today’s reigning champs of new music and entertainment”.

Each generation has its attributes. And, each person has key attributes to leverage.

Innovation can come in many forms, from any generation.  Passion, preparation, teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit are not dependent on age. And, as Gary Vaynerchuk says, “hustle is the most important word ever”.

Young, middle-age or older – no holdbacks!  At 28, 48 or 68 your age is just right – as part of your story!

It’s our responsibility and opportunity to make “your number” simply an interesting, contextual part of the story!