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For good reason, Digital is the dominant story these days. But where are ad dollars shifting from? From all traditional media, right? No, not all.

In Canada, the traditional medium of Radio is not only thriving, but has world-class stature!

Radio in Canada and the West (U.S., Australia, Britain) of course have similar origins, business models, connection to communities and role in the marketing mix. But, there’s now a significant difference between Radio’s success with advertisers in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

Each medium’s share of total advertising dollars is a critical metric for Advertising Agencies, Marketers and those in Media. Share figures represent one big report card of how all Agencies and businesses combined choose to invest their precious marketing dollars.

2013 – Share of Total Ad Dollars:

Canada – Radio:              11.0%    TVB / CRTC            (Statista: 11.3%)

U.S.A. – Radio:                 8.9%     eMarketer                (Statista:   4.9%)

Australia – Radio:              8.2%     ZenithOptimedia

UK – Radio:                       6.0%     RAB/MediaWeek      (Statista:  3.8%)

Global – Radio:                  6.9%     ZenithOptimedia

  • Canadian Radio’s share of ad dollars is well above Radio in the U.S. and Australia markets
  • Canadian Radio earns almost 2x Radio is Britain and Worldwide
  • Radio’s share in Canada in 2004?  10.0%

Competing against TV and Digital in each country and ad market is a big task and magnifies the importance of these impressive Canadian stats.

There are 2 noteworthy points of context…

Properly absorbing information in the Digital Era

Until the late 90’s, when you read the newspaper and listened to the news, it was presented as Local, National or International. It was clear where something was happening or was relevant.

Now, it’s a flurry of news, headlines, tweets, blogs and opinion that zings around the globe in seconds. Local reality and relevance matters, but that context and perspective is often missed now.

Any notion that Radio is dying requires a review of the opinion and facts. Late last year, U.S. author Seth Godin posted an article proclaiming “An End of Radio…Radio is about to fall off a cliff”.

Given his resume and following, it can shake your beliefs and confidence.  However, it’s Godin’s hypothesis and represents his location and work / focus, along with an MO of provocative predictions!

Recently, the counter-view came from Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO Worldwide, who said “…we have to be very wary of extrapolating our own experience. If you live in New York, you’re not aware of radio advertising the way you are if you live in Los Angeles, Atlanta or the other big cities around the States; where people spend a lot of time in their cars. There are still huge, huge radio audiences. And, frankly it’s a massively underutilized medium”.

Among the hundreds of daily headlines and stories, it’s more important than ever to do the homework, know your local / National market and determine your beliefs.

Soft-spoken Canada

It’s easy to grow up in awe of -and over-shadowed by- our big brother and ally; the U.S.A.

Their history, leaders and events create an indelible imprint – thanks to Hollywood, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Oprah, sending Man to the Moon and the annual Super Bowl and Grammy Awards!

We’ll of course continue to marvel at the magnitude and on-going successes of the U.S.  But, let’s notice when the little brother, Canadian business, is exuding talent, successful strategy and leadership.

Canada’s Finance Industry has been recognized globally for excellence in the wake of the 2009 Economic Crisis in the U.S. and around the world.

Canadian Radio also warrants recognition and study of its successes.


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