Brand image

We’ve all heard or said these phrases…

“It’s a branding campaign”.  “A majority of our advertising is branding”. “Build your brand with Social Media”.  “You need to illustrate how you can support our brand”.

I of course support these points and campaign goals. And, I understand they are very legitimate. The concern is when critical steps or business realities are skipped, glossed over or not discussed.

I submit that upstream from “branding” is brand. Upstream from brand is marketing – which means we should dust off our favourite Marketing books and review the famous, 4P’s!  Product. Price. Place. Promotion.  It seems to me that’s pretty much the entire business and customer experience.

If your family excitedly asks for a McDonalds lunch, and not enough cashiers are open, the server is stressed, the washrooms dirty and the fries are cold…there’s a big gap between that cool “brand ad” and the all-important customer experience.

On the other hand, it’s truly marketing magic when a product, customer experience and branding are all aligned and delivering!

On that day your baseball team and parents go to McDonalds and enjoy fast, cheery service and clean floors, tables and washrooms along with tasty burgers, fries and shakes…everyone truly is Lovin’ It!